Shipping and Transportation Containers in Dubai

March 12 2019

‘Freight Container’ is by definition – ‘a solid well-built storage unit, that can be carried via multiple methods of transportation, and its volume should definitely be equal to or surpass 1 cu tonne. The containers that are most widely used today range from 20 ft to 40 feet in size.

Containers that are shipped every day have an ISO Certification (The International Organization for Standardization), which means it adheres to all of ISO’s container standards. All of the containers used in Al Mujarad Land Transport LLC, a best container service provider in Dubai, meets all the durability and size standards set by the ISO.

Containers in general have been used all over the world since the 18th century in the form of drums, crates etc… But the conventional containers in use today were originally designed in 1937 by Malcolm McLean, who was fed up with the time taken for the goods on the ships to be loaded on to his trucks. Hence, he designed a simple solution to solve his problem, but the idea wasn’t immediately embraced by the world as the labor unions of the time were skeptical and so were the government authorities.

Then Malcolm McLean gave out his design patents to ISO, free of cost to make it widely accessible and to help standardize the container making process. Therefore, the ISO certification is of huge importance while buying a suitable and sustainable container for your goods.

After Malcolm’s idea started getting very popular, many companies took up the design and innovated the containers to suit their customized purposes. There are 9 companies in the world that account for 90 percent of all the container manufacturing. Among them CIMC China accounts for 49 percent of container production followed by Singamas in Singapore accounts for 21 percent of the containers that are manufactured.

Although the container manufacturing is concentrated around south and central Asia, Dubai has become a prominent logistics hub and many container service companies have cropped up around this highly developed Emirate Island. Dubai has become the ideal spot for many companies looking to transport their goods from one place to another. The containers widely used by all the container service providers in Dubai are of two varieties namely – standard and non-standard.  While standard has all the measurements that follow ISO recommendations, non-standard variant doesn’t.

All the containers have specific markings on the surface for their identification, ISO certification and operation markings. Some might even have CSC approval plate, approval for transport under customs seal, material type plate, owner’s logo, test plate etc… So, while opting for a suitable container service provider, take all the safety parameters into consideration so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

Al Mujarad is a reputed land logistics service provider based in Dubai specializing in supply chain management and logistics, Dubai is a logistics hub that is at the centre of world’s goods exchange system because of its specialized placement between Europe and Asia. Al Mujarad is known for its unmatched service and supreme reliability, it provides complete land logistics solution for enterprises of all sizes – Small, Medium or Large, never compromising on the quality of work.

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