Retail Distribution

Retail Distribution

Our distribution system boasts of being the fastest, most economical, extremely secure and completely consolidated built through years of dedicated service. And we say this with humility. Al Mujarad handles your shipment through its distribution system with utmost precision.


Our attention to customer detail is what we do best and the reason our clients choose us above the rest. We create custom-made primary inbound supply chains for leading retailers in the UAE, while also operating them through open or closed book arrangements.


  • At Al Mujarad, we undertake the entire operation of managing your inbound supply chain ourselves. This reduces the overall cost, whilst giving you much needed time to focus on your core skills of retailing and addressing the needs of your clients.


  • Our ‘Total Control Access Station’ approach provides a comprehensive end-to-end network solution. This visibility generates a great deal of value across the supply chain, reducing complexity and ensuring an efficient flow of goods.


  • Our top-notch IT systems are wired to seamlessly detect and create an efficient consolidation of loads that maximise vehicle utilisation. The environment largely capitalizes from this, while you have our support in achieving your corporate CSR goals.
  • Our forthcoming attitude to cater to our client during significant promotional stages or even in seasonal peaks of capacity, means we persistently engage with each supplier, creating strategic forecasts and comprehensive inbound plans for each secondary RDC. This results in optimum use of available resources meeting the demands of our satisfying customers.


Al Mujarad can rightly be called the one stop solution for all your retail distribution logistics needs.

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