Bio-Diesel Trucks

Bio-Diesel Trucks

Our environment is slowly disintegrating, our world that had stood through million years of gradation is heading towards an apocalypse of sorts, and to think this entropy is completely man made is not an easily digestible thought. Greenhouse gases are predominating in the atmosphere more and more, each and every single day. It’s only going to get worse, as no radical action has been taken by any government agency to curb or hasten this process of self-destruction. Air pollution has many sources, fumes from factories to black smoke from a car or a truck, everything contributes towards pollution, this in turn affects individual health and global temperatures.

Dubai is one of the first cities that has decided to do something about the biggest problem of this century, it has effectively incorporated the use of bio fuels in their corporation systems, as they have recently implemented their decision to fuel their garbage trucks with these vegetable oil derivatives, and have taken an vow to promote the use of these alternative fuels use within the city, in spite of it being a city with abundant crude oil resources.

Bio fuels are made from cooking oil, that too from oils that are usually leftover after cooking procured from giant fast food chains, it is said that refining 100 units of the cooking oil will get us at least 95 units of bio fuel, it is also important to note that bio fuels are comparatively cheaper than diesel, they make at least twice as less pollution, and their fumes are much less harmless compared to traditional fuels like petrol and diesel. Bio fuels are not just good for the environment and your wallet, they are also supposed as effective for one’s vehicle sometimes even better than diesel in terms of mileage and engine maintenance. It has been noted that engine make less sounds when powered with these new age fuels.

Al Mujarad Land Transport LLC is primarily a land logistics company with our operations based in Dubai UAE. As a customer/potential customer of the company you must be aware of how much fuel logistics companies must burn through, to transport your goods from one place to another. Al Mujarad like any business is in the logistics game for the money, but we are also a responsible corporation and have decided to reduce our carbon footprint for the good of our planet earth. We prefer the use of bio fuels to power the trucks. Many companies are still reluctant to get into the bio fuel game as it’s still a new form of fuel, and people are not willing to take the risk, but Al Mujarad has decided to take the leap of faith for the good of the environment.

Bio-Diesel Ensures the following advantages:

  • Great Performance, Smoother Engines
  • Safety and Environmental Friendly
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions are lowered drastically
  • Transition of Fuel in new Engines is a simple process


Our company’s services include refrigerated trucks, technologically advanced tracking systems, wide retail distribution networks to name a few, Al Mujarad Land Transport LLC is proud to announce the fact that it utilizes bio fuels for its trucks, and would gladly incorporate more environment friendly measures to save the planet it serves so hard to connect, after all if there is no earth to live on, there is no need for any business to exist.