Types of Containers in Logistics and the Criteria to choose the Best

March 06 2019

Containers or Freight Containers are used to transport materials from one place to another through cargo ships and trucks. The materials within these containers don’t need to be unloaded until they reach the destination, the same containers that were used to carry the products on the ship can be placed over the trucks to be transported. These containers are used in the logistics industry, the concerned industry which is the back bone of trade, has for several years grown massively within Dubai and UAE. Containers Services in Dubai, UAE is one of the biggest in the world because of its unique location and favourable government policies. Dubai’s technically advanced and large ports and well-connected airports has enabled this feat.

There are various types of containers available based on the materials used and their purposes.

Inter-modal Flight Containers

They are the shipping containers that can be transported onto a truck.

This itself can be of several sub types and those are as follows

  • Open tops
  • Side loaders
  • Twin doors etc…

Corrugated Box

A corrugated box is made of fibre, and is not heavy, they can be recycled, and can hold many materials in place.

Wooden box

It is used to carry heavy and dense products – it is used for transportation of defence materials.


It’s a specialized self-supporting structure that is used for transportation of very heavy and awkward machinery. It is also predominantly made of wood.

A Flexible Bulk Container

It’s made of some synthetic materials and used for transportation of powdered or granular products.

Fuel Tank Containers

It is used for the transportation of petrol, diesel and crude oil.

Before you choose the best containers in Dubai that suits your needs, you will need to figure out who to hire, you could ask if there is any real difference between each logistics company as long as they offer the containers you want, yes there is.

We will list some of the criteria(s)/parameter(s) one can look at while deciding to hire a good logistics company?


It’s important that the company has prior experience in the business so that it can carry out your mission without any setbacks, Al Mujarad Land Transport LLC Dubai possesses several years of experience in the container logistics business in Dubai, UAE.


There are certain companies that have the efficient work force and contacts to carry out the task given to them without any hassles, not every logistics company in Dubai can do that.


Companies like Al Mujarad Land Transport LLC have highly advanced cargo trucks that have efficient tracking systems and temperature-controlled cargo devices that ensure the product does not lose its quality. So, it’s important to consider all these factors while hiring a logistics operation to carry your business’s life force i.e. your product.

Al Mujarad is a reputed land logistics service provider based in Dubai specializing in supply chain management and logistics, Dubai is a logistics hub that is at the center of world’s goods exchange system because of its specialized placement between Europe and Asia. Al Mujarad is known for its unmatched service and supreme reliability, it provides complete land logistics solution for enterprises of all sizes – Small, Medium or Large, never compromising on the quality of work.

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